How do I join the program?

Please click the Apply Now button above and register an account, make your profile settings (e.g. PayPal email) and copy your affiliate reference code.

How does the program work?

Every time you refer a customer to WPCasa through text links or banners with your affiliate reference and that customer purchases a product, you earn a commission of up to 30%.

How much do I earn?

When you first start using our affiliate program you will earn a 20% commission. Depending on the sales that are converted from your referrals we will increase the commission to 25% and up to 30%.

Will I earn commission on my own purchases?

No. You will not earn commissions purchasing a paid product through your own affiliate link.

Where do I find my affiliate code?

Pleaes log into your account and find the Affiliate URLs link. There you can generate an affiliate URL to any page of our website.

I had a sale. When Do I get my money?

Earnings will be paid via PayPal after a 30 days period on 15th of the next month. You receive an email on every theme sale to keep track of your sales if you wish.