With the Installation & Setup Service, your site will be installed and setup by our professional team on a webhosting of your choice.

How does it work

After your purchase you just send over all the necessary details to us to access your webspace. Alternatively, if WordPress is already installed, you can also send over the WordPress Admin Login Details. Within 24 hours we will setup your site as seen in our demo.


Q: Can you add my content instead of the example content?
A: Unfortunately not. This service really focuses on the basic installation & setup. Adding custom content would be more of a custom service.

Q: Can you add my logo?
A: Sure, just send it over in the correct format (PNG, High Resolution, Transparent Background, Correct Color Choice) and we will update the logo for you.

Q: Can you also add a menu for me?
A: During the installation & setup, an example menu will already be created. Menu management itself is pretty easy and straight forward. In case you need help feel free to get in touch with our support team.

€100,00 – €100,00
Purchase excl. EU VAT (0%)

Paid add-ons are subject to our license terms.