The Featured Listings add-on let’s you highlight specific listings. There are three different options to feature a listing. You can visually highlight it by displaying a featured badge, you can make the listing sticky to display it before other listings or you can apply both options.

When the add-on is active you will see new options in the Listing Attributes meta box in the listing editor to activate the different options to feature the corresponding property.

By default the featured badge will be displayed as an overlay over the featured image of the listing. Under the new tab on the WPCasa settings page you can the badge settings to your needs.



Download the plugin from your account to your local computer. On WP-Admin > Plugins > Add New you click on Upload Plugin and browse to the ZIP file on your computer. Then activate the plugin on WP-Admin > Plugins.

Getting Started

Once you installed and activated this add-on you can go to the settings page to adjust the badge label, badge format and where the badge should be displayed. Then head over to the editor of one of your listings and check the Listing Attributes meta box on the right hand side.

For more detailed information please also read our documentation.

Heads up! This is an add-on plugin and will only work in combination with the WPCasa core plugin.
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